Rediscovering Team and Culture through Volunteering Activities at the Christo and Jeanne Claude Center, Gabrovo

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. 

Neale Donald Walsch

And speaking about comfort at, we have decided to put it away and experience life in its full color and rustiness by involving our team in a bit different and challenging team building activity. This is how the idea for a non mainstream team – building for volunteering occurred and we have managed to put it into action. 


Gabrovo, Sunday – mid August – we started exploring the concept for collaboration with the Christo and Jeanne-Claude Center (CJC) and its director. Over a coffee by the Yantra  river a friendly conversation took place and we agreed that the volunteering activity could be done on the day of the Opening or “Unwrapping” (in the context of Christo and Jeanne Claude work) of the newly established CJC center. A chance for each of us to contribute with a piece of our own energy for something new that promises a future not only for the local cultural community, but also for the society in general and beyond.


Nestled within the walls of a 1960s building, the Christo and Jeanne-Claude Center (CJC) in Gabrovo breathes new life into a former textile high-school that ceased operating in 2010. Being a ‘dream come true’ for a group of enthusiasts, the CJC Center has a 12 000-square-meter space and could be considered a ‘New into Old’ – Cultural Experiment, in which ZaUtre’s team also took place .

Our bonding experience was fueled by our collective decision to invest our time and volunteer efforts in reawakening this signature ’60s building facility, fostering and nurturing both local and visiting artists and the very essence of art itself.

Our memorable day began with the “Revive and Reorganize Challenge.” Divided into three teams, we embarked on a mission to organize and classify important items and replenish the former high-school Physics and Chemistry classrooms. This experience, much like a time machine, transported us back to our own school days. Some were skeptical at first, while for others, it was a thrilling adventure filled with excitement and lots of dust:). Furthermore, through a simple cleaning routine we put into practice a real time management exercise that involved and required collective mind for task’s mapping, distribution, prioritization, time-management etc.

Thanks to our innovative and out-of-the-box approach and the commitment of ZaUtre’s team, we successfully realized our unconventional idea. Our involvement can be seen as a performance in itself, mirroring the center’s journey towards a brighter future. While many might opt for standard approaches like company weekends  with orchestrated game activities, we at ZaUtre chose to dedicate our time to volunteer work, helping pave the way for a promising tomorrow in the world of art and the Gabrovo community, all facilitated by the Christo and Jeanne-Claude Center (CJC).

The Satisfaction  survey showing a high approval rate makes us optimistic that volunteering team building events could become part of our company culture. Approval rates are pushed up also by the night party at the CJC with a thrilling DJ set and unique industrial atmosphere.