Shipping Integrations for SFCC

Shipping for SFCC with Bringg

Our engineering team is excited to announce the development of our latest integration cartridge for Bringg, a leading customer-centric logistics solution. Designed specifically for businesses using Salesforce Commerce Cloud, this cartridge aims to streamline the order fulfillment process and optimize logistics management.

  • With the Bringg integration cartridge, companies can effortlessly connect their Salesforce Commerce Cloud system with the Bringg platform. This powerful integration enables businesses to seamlessly manage and monitor their entire delivery and logistics process, from online ordering to real-time tracking and proof of delivery.
  • The Bringg cartridge enhances Salesforce Commerce Cloud with diverse logistical scenarios, catering to various business models. From assigning orders to drivers and planning optimal routes to real-time tracking of deliveries and drivers, the Bringg platform offers a comprehensive suite of features. Customers can also benefit from constant updates and real-time delivery tracking through the Bringg application, ensuring a superior shopping experience.
  • Furthermore, the Bringg integration empowers businesses to scale their operations effectively and achieve increased efficiency by integrating a modern delivery and logistics system with their existing commerce framework. The integration also provides access to analytical reports through Bringg, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Revolutionizing E-commerce and Logistics Processes with nShift Integration

At ZaUtre, we take pride in successfully integrating Salesforce Commerce Cloud with nShift (formerly Unifaun) for two esteemed clients – Active Brands and Samsoe Samsoe. This integration has seamlessly connected their e-commerce and logistics processes, transforming their operations for the better.

superior protection inspiring people to push their boundaries #sweetprotection

For Active Brands (parent company of Sweet Protection), renowned for their high-quality sportswear and equipment, this integration has streamlined their e-commerce operations and logistics processes. Automated workflows between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and nShift have improved order processing times, inventory accuracy, and real-time shipment tracking. These enhancements have led to better forecasting, reduced storage costs, and optimized inventory management, ultimately driving business growth and enhancing customer service.

Samsoe Samsoe: wearable aesthetic

Similarly, for Samsoe Samsoe, a distinguished Scandinavian fashion brand, the integration has significantly improved the customer shopping experience. The synchronization between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and nShift enables smooth order processing and efficient shipment tracking directly from the platform. As a result, Samsoe Samsoe can provide reliable delivery times to their customers, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Both integrations have not only increased operational efficiency but also boosted sales and customer satisfaction. Advanced features such as automated shipping label printing and return label generation have reduced manual work and minimized errors in the logistics process.
  • Additionally, the valuable data collected through nShift has provided Active Brands and Samsoe Samsoe with key insights into shipping efficiency, delivery time performance, and customer buying patterns. This data has empowered both brands to refine their strategies and make more informed business decisions.

In summary, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud and nShift integration for Active Brands and Samsoe Samsoe has created a robust, efficient, and interconnected e-commerce environment. This integration has led to higher productivity, cost savings, and improved customer experiences, positioning both brands for continued success in the evolving digital landscape.