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About Bringg

Bringg’s Driver App  has a single and intuitive interface, helping the retail companies and their drivers to manage orders effectively and minimize errors with a collection. The drivers have a clear view of order inventory, while giving you full visibility of their location and progress. Automated driver actions ensure greater speed and accuracy: from check-in and status updates, through order creation and delivery flows.

The Project

We have upgraded partial shipment self-service return experience, complete with the option to initiate returns for specific items using various carriers, and conveniently track their progress in real-time. Customers can take advantage of the upgraded partial shipment self-service return process, which has the selection of multiple carriers as well as drop-off locations for returning specific items; coupled with an integrated tracking function, users can effortlessly monitor the return process from start to finish.

Delivery Team

ZaUtre development and QA team


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Client Testimonials

“Alex was the development lead on the recent rebuild of the Liberty website onto SFRA. It's no exaggeration to say that this project would not have landed on schedule without Alex at the lead. His diligence and commitment were outstanding, and the quality of his output is the best I have seen. Thank you”
Eric Fergusson
Director of Ecommerce at Liberty London
June 23, 2020
“Having worked with Alexander very closely on some large and crucial projects for Liberty, I have to say that he is a true expert and fount of knowledge. He continually helps us deliver world leading digital experiences and is relentless in his dedication to making the project, architecture, and final product as amazing as it is intended. Always willing to impart his wisdom, he is a true pleasure to work with, always calm, always considered and most of all ultra-smart. I cannot recommend him enough, there are people in the world that just get it, and Alex is one of them. Without him, dare I say it, our projects would not have been as enjoyable and gone so smoothly.”
James Finch
Head of Digital Design at Liberty Ltd
June 15, 2020

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