Bringg - Delivery and Returns in a few clicks

What’s Bringg (formerly Zenkraft)?

Bringg, formerly known as Zenkraft Salesforce B2C Cartridge, is a powerful solution designed to enhance the delivery and logistics aspects of Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C (Business-to-Consumer) implementations. This cartridge, now part of Bringg’s comprehensive platform, seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, empowering businesses to optimize their delivery and returns processes. This integration allows businesses to meet the growing demand for transparency and efficiency in the e-commerce landscape.

Beyond Integration – Outlining Goals and Needs

  • Elevate the overall customer experience by leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce B2C Cartridge, ensuring effortless self service returns.

  • Provide customers with greater transparency into the status of their orders, from purchase to delivery and returns, fostering trust and satisfaction.

  • Streamline and improve the returns process, making it more customer-friendly and operationally efficient.

  • Implement a scalable solution that can adapt to the company’s growth, accommodating increasing demands and complexities in the e-commerce landscape whether you have 10 or 10,000 deliveries a day.

Breaking Down the Unique Aspects of Our Solution

Our custom tailored solution is inspired by the client requirements and our experience with SFCC and e-commerce end-user needs. 

  • A user-friendly returns portal integrated into the customer interface, allowing hassle-free initiation and tracking of return requests.

  • Configurable workflows to manage the entire returns process, from request initiation to final resolution, ensuring flexibility aligned with the client’s specific needs.

  • Integration with Bringg’s real-time tracking capabilities, providing customers and internal stakeholders with live visibility into the status of deliveries and returns.

  • Automated and customizable email and notification system to keep customers informed at every stage of the returns process, enhancing transparency.

  • Implementation of a RMA(Return Merchandise Authorization) system for returns in Commerce Cloud, assigning unique identifiers for efficient tracking and management.

  • Development of a mobile-responsive interface, catering to the increasing trend of mobile commerce and allowing customers to manage returns and track deliveries on the go.

  • Maintaining a feedback loop so we can continuously improve and refactor our codebase and functionalities

A Glimpse into the Key Features

  • Configurable workflows to manage the entire delivery and return processes,

  • Self-service returns in just a few clicks

  • EDD(Estimated Delivery Dates) on shipping methods

  • Integration with Bringg’s real-time tracking system, providing customers and internal teams with live updates on the status of deliveries

  • Customisable notifications

  • Integration with order management systems to ensure synchronization of order and delivery data, providing a holistic view of customer transactions

  • Partials shipments tracking and returns

  • Multi-option storage of returns/deliveries (stored externally or inside of SF)

ZaUtre’s Impact Resonates, Setting the Stage for Future Collaborations.

The implemented solution not only addressed the client’s objectives related to streamlined deliveries and returns but also showcased innovative features and agile methodologies. The project’s timeline and agile processes were carefully navigated, leading to a seamless integration that exceeded client expectations. Client testimonials underscore the tangible value ZaUtre brought to the project, paving the way for potential future collaborations.