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ZaUtre is a tech first company that creates stable and efficient solutions that last.


ZaUtre was born out of the frustration of the current outsourcing model. We are here to solve the issues of lack of engagement, shortsightedness and technical incompetence. In each of our projects, we have clear goals and pair them with a great technical team. Quality and constant learning is critical, so all of our code is peer reviewed internally even if that is not part of your process. We are based in Sofia, Bulgaria. There are plenty of reasons to choose the city to build your team or visit us apart from the amazing talent pool.


We provide ecommerce and technical consulting. Examples are:

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Development on Magento

Consulting on ecommerce

Business analysis

Complete solutions

Building dedicated teams


Salesforce Commerce Cloud Logo
Because we know it inside out and it kind of just works without too much effort.
Magento Logo
Because it is beautifully written with an awful technology
HTML5 Logo
Because there is finally some sense in the front-end jungle!


The core of our team

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Main Location

1 Raycho Karolev Str., office 402,
5300 Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Physical Location

47A Cherni Vrah Blvd., fl. 5,
1407 Sofia, Bulgaria